GREEN sponge


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This premium beauty sponge blends your foundation, contours your face in such a flawless finish that any woman would expect and want.

A beauty sponge should always be used damp to ensure it blends seamlessly. When your beauty sponge is wet, its too full to absorb your foundation 


Our beauty sponges are provided with a plastic cover and a tin top to keep them sanitized and clean by preventing them from getting in contact with your other beauty products.

Also this cover comes in handy while traveling, keeping your sponge from being loose in your makeup pouch and giving it a chance to breathe.

This beauty sponge expands to about 50% its size when used wet. Using it dry absorbs the product back into the sponge rather than adhering it to your face.

After use, leave it out to completely dry, then store it back into the tin to avoid bacterial growth and mold which can cause breakouts.

weight 25 g

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